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Citron - Signature Collection

Citron - Signature Collection

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This candle was crafted to capture the essence of fresh citron, grapefruit, and orange, creating a truly refreshing and invigorating aroma. As soon as you light the wick, your senses will be transported to a sunny citrus grove, with the zesty notes of citron and grapefruit taking center stage, while the sweetness of orange lingers in the background. The combination of these three scents is truly a match made in heaven, creating a well-balanced fragrance that is both uplifting and energizing. Made with high-quality soy wax and natural essential oils, our Citron candle burns cleanly and evenly, filling your home with its delightful scent for hours. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing atmosphere for your next self-care session or want to add a burst of freshness to your living room, the Citron candle is the perfect choice. Treat yourself or someone special to this luxurious fragrance today!

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