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Car Scents

Car Scents

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Introducing our new line of car scents! With five delicious scents to choose from, you can freshen up your car in style. Our Pina Colada scent will transport you straight to a tropical paradise with its sweet and tangy aroma, while our Very Cherry scent will fill your car with the delightful fragrance of ripe cherries. If you're feeling more in the mood for something fresh and breezy, try our Ocean scent, which will make you feel like you're driving along the coastline with the windows down. Our Melon scent will remind you of summer days spent snacking on juicy watermelon, and our Orange Citrus scent will invigorate your senses with its zesty and refreshing citrus notes. Palo Santos is a highly recommended cologne scent. Let's not forget our Berry, is a hint of strawberries and cream, meanwhile Green Apple is always green apple meaning it speaks for itself. Mulberry is a mixture of all fruits, deep intense blackberry scent. Our Mango will give you the warmest, sweetest, deep orange, strawberry together scent. AMAZING!

Each scent is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance experience. Simply spray on a tissue or cotton ball, place it in a cup holder, and let the scent gradually fill your car. Our car scents are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their car smelling great, whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a road trip. Don't settle for a stale and musty car interior - upgrade your driving experience with our delightful car scents today!

*Warning: High oil concentrate wipe away if spills occur, keep away from children and pets.  

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